Devin Ulibarri – Media Content

June 6th, 2014

Welcome to my media content page. Feel free to watch videos of my performances and share the links with your friends and family. I hope that you like this music as much as I do!

Videos of Performances

December 6th, 2014

Click above to see a video of Devin Ulibarri playing "Rain Dance" by Michael Chapdelaine. This piece utilizes a lot of special fingersytle techniques, such as slapping the low e-string of the guitar against the frets to create a sound that resembles a snare drum.

Click above to watch a recording of the Jordan Hall (Boston) premiere performance of "Traveller" by Emi Inaba. Devin Ulibarri, guitar and Alyssa Griggs, flute. Audio and Video Recording by Simon Yue (SoundProfessional, Boston). Dedicated to everyone around the globe who has been affected by the March 11th natural disasters in Japan. Together, may we hope to find strength in adversity. "The human spirit has a truly remarkable capacity – the ability to generate hope from the most devastating of crises. This ability to create value can be seen in the response to the earthquake that struck Japan on March 11" - Daisaku Ikeda April 3rd, 2011

Boston Premier of Nell Shaw Cohen's

December 6th, 2014 – "Dai-Shizen", a work for flute and guitar that Nell Shaw Cohen composed for Boston GuitarFest 2014, Emerging Artists concert. Based on the woodblock prints, and ink and watercolor paintings of Japanese-American artist Chiura Obata (1885-1975). Performed June 28th at Jordan Hall in Boston, MA.

Boston Premier of Nell Shaw Cohen's
"Trytich" for guitar solo

December 6th, 2014 – Nell Shaw Cohen's page, "Beyond the Notes" has a recording of her piece Triptych, which I premiered May of 2011 for a Tuesday Night New Music at New England Conservatory. The piece, as the name suggests, is in three parts and is based loosely on a Renaissance style of counterpoint and instrument sound.