If you are wondering why I chose not to use Patreon, this is why.

Patreon has certain pitfalls, such as requiring patrons to run non-free software and the inability to accept checks/cash. Plus, Patreon takes an additional cut on top of already-existing payment processing fees, which means a larger portion of your payment will go to the artist (me).

The membership features on the site are thanks to Paid Memberships Pro WordPress Plugin (licensed as free software). I manage the plugin and all the data on the site, so you are working more directly with me than if I had chosen a 3rd party (better privacy). Also, if you want/need to pay with check or cash, contact me, and I will accommodate (complete privacy).

Lastly, and I mention this because I am benefiting as we speak from this, because it is free software (free as in freedom) I am able personally benefit from the ability to copy and modify the source code. This gives me greater control over how I present myself, and how I operate myself as a professional musician.

If you are a musician and you are reading this, and thinking “I want a site with some/all of these features”, please contact me and we can discuss the possibilities. And for those musicians who already have a Patreon page, and want to at least have the freedom of control that comes with WordPress, there is a Patreon plugin for WordPress that integrates the two.

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