I have gotten involved in a lot of projects over the years. Please check out anything that piques your interest.


MAP Family Learning Center

MAP Family Learning Center – Learn Music, Art, and Programming!

Remake Music LLC

Remake Music LLC – Complete curriculum services for Music+Code classes, workshops, and professional development.

Music Blocks, Visual Programming

Music Blocks Software – A “Musical Microworld” that I created with Walter Bender and SugarLabs.



LibreBoston – One of the websites that I contribute blogs to as part of a larger effort to advocate free/libre software.

Old Projects and Websites

Music Launch Guitar

MusicLaunch Guitar at the YMCA in Malden – Guitar at the YMCA Malden.


My Old MySpace Page – I do not actively maintain this website anymore, but it does have some of my music still available on the website.


My First Blog – My very first blog, made with Google Blogger. I do not intend to keep it up-to-date anymore, but you can find some of the original materials that I published after I authored “Guitar Music for Children and Beginners” with a fresh new approach to the pre-reading stage of learning guitar.