Screenshot from Kaleidoscope Sneak-Preview

Update on New Piece: Kaleidoscope

Last month I announced that I would be working on a new piece based on Renaissance Jam/Orchestra. Today, I want to share with you the progress that has been made, as well as the unexpected direction that the piece has taken. (Yes, I know that I wrote the piece, but how the piece is turning (more…)

Devin performs with Gallery@57 for Artists at Work

Performance with Gallery@57

Last October, Gallery@57 in Malden, MA graciously invited me to perform as part of their “Artists at Work” event. Today, I found the video of myself performing at the event, as recorded by MATV/UMA (thanks — you did great!). I am posting the video here for you to enjoy. For the event, I performed three (more…)

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Happy New Year

A Few New Changes for the New Year

We have just entered a new year — hurrah! First of all, please congratulate yourself on your accomplishments in 2020. Let’s face it, 2020 was not an easy year. On the bright side, we could say that, because 2020 was so incredibly challenging, that you will just that much more benefit from your 2020 accomplishments. (more…)

People Watch New Years Eve FIreworks Celebration by GDJ

Website Debut Today

Hello folks! I have been working on the newest version of my website, which you can read a little bit about in previous posts. There is still work to be done, but I have decided to debut the website today so that I can share my work and my process with the various stakeholders. Website (more…)

Question Mark

Why not Patreon?

If you are wondering why I chose not to use Patreon, this is why. Patreon has certain pitfalls, such as requiring patrons to run non-free software and the inability to accept checks/cash. Plus, Patreon takes an additional cut on top of already-existing payment processing fees, which means a larger portion of your payment will go (more…)

Member Page

Become a Member and be Rewarded

Choosing a career as an independent musician with a mission to contribute to the community, has required me to make a financial sacrifice. However, I know that sacrifice is worth it because I have seen how our work has transformed communities, and would love your support to make it sustainable. To thank you for your (more…)

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Hello world! Website 2.0

Welcome to the website for the music, education projects, advocacy, social, and opinions of Devin Ulibarri. (Yes, I really plan to do all those things on this site.) How is this website a “2.0”? For those reading this who have visited this site before, the difference will be obvious. For those reading this who never (more…)

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