Welcome to the website for the music, education projects, advocacy, social, and opinions of Devin Ulibarri. (Yes, I really plan to do all those things on this site.)

How is this website a “2.0”?

For those reading this who have visited this site before, the difference will be obvious.

For those reading this who never saw the old site before, this is what it looked like.

Old devinulibarri.com
Old devinulibarri.com

I am sure you will agree that this was a very simple website. I purposely made it simple. One reason is because I decided to use Register4Less’ free storage. 10MB of storage comes free with the price of the domain. (For those of you who are wondering how much space “10MB” is, it is about the size of of one or two high-definition photos. In other words, not very much space at all.)

Why did I do confine myself to 10MB? I will admit that part of the reason is because it was kind of fun. I had to come up with workarounds, and I could not use a CMS like WordPress because it would take too much space.

So, my site ended up looking like it was created in the 1990’s. I suppose it was probably a bad idea for marketing myself, but it was kind of fun.

Meanwhile, I did get a few websites up and running with WordPress. I will share all my adventures in learning WordPress in future posts, but what working on all these sites gave me is experience in creating websites.

This new version of devinulibarri.com is created with WordPress and is the culmination of years of work tinkering on other sites (and, of course, all the hard work of the various WordPress and plugin developers). I plan to take full advantage of what WordPress can do, so that anyone can come to this site and leave with music, guitar tips, new ideas, and/or a new friend.

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