Choosing a career as an independent musician with a mission to contribute to the community, has required me to make a financial sacrifice. However, I know that sacrifice is worth it because I have seen how our work has transformed communities, and would love your support to make it sustainable.

To thank you for your support, I’ve created a tiered membership community, where members get exclusive access to audio and video of my compositions, and sheet music. You can find some of this material for sale on this site, but members get special access as part of their membership. Certain tiers also include a free guitar/music+code lesson.

You are contributing to more than my music, you are also contributing to my journey. I’m deeply grateful for this, and will be sharing member-only essays about my life as an independent artist, including both the triumphs and heartaches. I hope you find this both rewarding and inspiring, especially for anyone who has considered quitting their day job and going ‘all in.’

What tiers are available?

Tiers start with narrative, supporter, super-supporter, and personal patron, and go all the way up to “Quarterly Original with Dedication”. The tiers start from $7/month.

So, what are you waiting for? Become a member and start receiving benefits today!

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