Last October, Gallery@57 in Malden, MA graciously invited me to perform as part of their “Artists at Work” event. Today, I found the video of myself performing at the event, as recorded by MATV/UMA (thanks — you did great!). I am posting the video here for you to enjoy.

"Chiisai Aki" performed by Devin Ulibarri
"Chiisai Aki" performed by Devin Ulibarri

"Chiisai Aki" performed by Devin Ulibarri

For the event, I performed three arrangements of Japanese folk tunes, all of which are about the autumn season. The arrangement in this video is “Chiisai Aki ga Mitsuketa”, which roughly translates to “I found a small autumn”. The arrangements are published by Gendai Guitar. The melody, in e minor, is beautiful and mysterious.

I hope that you enjoy. If you like it, please add a comment below. Thanks!

Interested in hearing more? Please check out my media page for more videos.

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