Dai-Shizen is Japanese for “Great Nature”. This piece, by composer Nell Shaw Cohen is a beautiful tribute to nature. Written for flute and guitar, this piece was debuted by myself, Devin Ulibarri, and flutist, Alicia Mielke. Read more about the piece on Nell’s website at https://www.nellshawcohen.com/dai-shizen-great-nature/

Dai-Shizen (Great Nature) for flute and guitar looks at nature through the eyes of a visual artist: Chiura Obata (1885-1975). It is my musical response to Obata’s journey through landscapes, as seen through his artworks, in three movements: California, Topaz, and Sunset.

Nell Shaw Cohen, Composer

Nell and Devin have collaborated over the years. Nell is familiar with the guitar, and has an eclectic taste for various styles of music. Read more about Nell and her work at https://www.nellshawcohen.com/