On May 20th 2021, together with artist Chie Yasuda, I performed for an event that blends Music and Art. Themed “Space Renaissance”, music, both old and new, inspire space-themed art for a fun effect. I hope you njoy this out-of-this-world collaboration!

The event was hosted by Arts Medford/MARV, and was in collaboration with Gallery@57.

Full Program

  1. Españoletas
  2. Maricapalos
  3. Pavana por la D con partidas al aire Español, una jiga Inglesa ybailete Frances
  4. Passacalles
  5. Folias
  6. Españoleta
  7. Pavana
  8. Canarios [in D]
    • All above pieces composed by Gaspar Sanz (1640 – 1710) for Baroque Guitar
  9. Kaleidoscope
    • Kaleidoscope by Devin Ulibarri (b. 1984) for Classical Guitar

About “Kaleidoscope”

Kaleidoscope is my newest solo work for guitar. It draws inspiration from the idioms of Gaspar Sanz (1640-1710) as its foundation, while bringing new colors and textures from a more modern palette. Read more about it here.

About the Baroque Guitar

Local (Somerville, MA) luthier, Bill Good, was kind enough to lend me his latest Baroque Guitar. A replica of the instrument that Gaspar Sanz wrote for, this instrument really brought a new dimension to the sounds that inspired Kaleidoscope. If you like the sound of this instrument as much as I do, if you are not already a member, please consider becoming a member. Your membership will help me continue to fund new explorations such as this, and create entertaining and educational videos, music, and articles.

Event Recording

Space Renaissance with Arts Medford/MARV
Space Renaissance with Arts Medford/MARV

Space Renaissance with Arts Medford/MARV

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